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Libraries and schools often provide computer resources. Family and friends are another good option. At the Address line type in the Dollar General careers web page address Click Express Hiring. Instructions are provided on the back of this page. If you would like direct deposit have your bank account information available when you log in. The Express Hiring link can be found at www. dollargeneral.com/careers Employment at Dollar General is contingent upon among other things successful...
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.dollarshiring.com OR www.bankofamerica.com/web/web/new_login.jsp After logging in, you will be able to access the form above. It's that simple. When your form is received, you will be put in touch with a recruiter at a future date based upon your job duties. If you have any questions or concerns about your job security, please feel free to call your recruiter at the toll free number shown below. (888) 623-0720 ext 2502 For the fastest response time, please allow 1 business day for an agent to contact you. Please visit the HIRING page on our site frequently or you can also contact us at our online contact form above or by phone number at 1-800-221-2122. Your resume is reviewed prior to your position being posted. If your resume is approved for posting you will be contacted by our recruiter as to the precise date and time on which your position will be posted. If you need more information, please feel free to email a resume to resume@dollarshiring.com Thank you for applying for a job with me! Darlene Dollarshiring Director of Human Resources Express Hiring www.dollarshiring.com Express Hiring 1-800-221-2122 Dollarshiring The Best Place to Hire A Place You Can Count on for Job Security The Best Hiring Place in Dallas Your Money-Back Guarantee Free Online Job Guide Payment Options Dollar General Hiring Guarantee Your Next Job? I have heard great things about Dollar General's recruiting department. I am currently employed as a cashier in the store, and am working directly with one of their recruiters. I would like to share with you my experience working with them. As a part-time cashier at Dollar General, I earn an hourly wage of $7.00. It is my understanding that employees such as myself are able to increase their salary when the store is busier. In recent months, my pay rate has increased to $7.50. It is my understanding that in conjunction with this increase, we receive additional vacation days. This is a great opportunity for me since there is definitely a lot of turnover at my particular department. The other day, I was told, "You and your coworker
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